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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What’s Your Addiction?

Let’s face it, everyone is addicted to something.  Sure, if you’re addicted to some nasty habit like drugs or gambling, you get put in a certain category and your addiction gets a label.  The real question is, “How destructive (or healthy) is your addiction”?

Some of our addictions are not so obvious.  Some of them aren’t even that bad, right?  Food.  Work.  TV.  Coffee.  Chocolate.  Exercise.  Sports.  Wine.  Reading.  Blogging.

There, I said it.  The first step is always admission.  You might as well know, blogging is my new addiction.

How do I know it’s an addiction?  Well, there are a couple of signs I can’t ignore.  First, I can’t stop writing.  It’s all consuming,  just like a drug.  I also know how to hide it.  I keep my blogging journal tucked away in my briefcase, and I usually wait until everyone else is in bed to get online.  Doug will say to me, “Suz, you’re not on that blog again are you?"

I respond, “Of course not, I was just checking my email.”  (After all, I do have a job that requires me to check email 24-7.)

Is my addiction destructive or healthy?  I suppose that depends on me.  Am I ignoring the people around me so that I can live in a blogging world, or am I simply enjoying the release of a deeply held desire to write?  No one can answer that question but me. 

And no one can answer the questions about your addiction but you.  What’s your addiction?   Are you honest enough to admit what consumes you, and is your addiction destroying you (and those around you) or is it building you and others up?  You decide.


Graceful said...

I'm totally addicted to blogging...and browsing other blogs...and commenting...and tweeting, and everything that goes along with all that. In fact, I recently took some measures to gain some control over it -- like putting daytime and evening limitations on how many hours/minutes I spend online. The husband and kids are suffering!

Of course, here I while I'm at work. Yikes! Time to go...

Susan DiMickele said...

Yeah, me too! Wait until I join Twitter (we are going to be quite a team)!