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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Angry Conversations With God, by Susan Isaacs

I like books about real life.  Unedited.  I also like writers who don’t mince words.  Susan Isaacs is such an author.

Angry Conversations With God is not for the faint hearted or spiritually frail.  The title speaks for itself.  Isaacs goes to counseling with God and, yes, she is angry. 

I read Angry Conversations With God last year, but I pulled it out again just this past week while I was blogging about Barbie.  (Yeah, I hate to admit it, but Barbie is bringing out my deepest thoughts these days.)  As an actress and writer, Isaacs couldn’t find other artists in church.  Like Barbie, Isaacs didn’t seem to fit in with the “church crowd.”

Who says Hollywood and Jesus have to be that far apart?  Susan Isaacs is never going to fit religious stereotypes, but that’s probably a good thing.

If you like down-to-earth, edgy writing with an authentic spiritual twist, check out Angry Conversations With God

Any other Susan Isaacs’s fans out there? 

1 comment:

Half Life Renewed said...

Love Susan Issacs...Just heard her in person this past weekend! So True...