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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Strong-Willed Daughter

There’s one in every family.  Mine happens to be our third born.  Abby is my strong-willed child, and I don’t think this is just a toddler phase (been there, done that).   Her independent, bossy spirit is here to stay.

She’s a 3-year-old going on 13. It’s her way or the highway.   She dresses herself, pours her own cereal, and even tries to cut her own hair.  She’s cut her hair so many times that I’ve resigned to the fact that she’s going to look like Rod Stewart for the next few years.  But her hair is the least of my worries.

I’ve tried reverse psychology.  It doesn’t work.  When she puts on some outlandish outfit that doesn’t match, I’ll turn to her and say, “My, you really look cute today.”

Before we can even make eye contact she blurts out, “I already knew that.”

The only person she is tender with is Doug.  She knows there’s only one queen of the castle, and she’s out to dethrone me.  So she usually wants “Daddy to do it” and he falls for it just about every time.    She’s known to give orders, and other people tend to follow.

I could panic, but I’d rather keep my sense of humor and hang on for the ride. 

I know, my work is cut out for me.  I’m not even thinking about the teenage years.  For now, I’m praying that God would turn her strong-willed temper into determination and leadership.  If she’s going to grow up and give orders, I want her to be someone worthy to follow.  Sure, we also need to work on a little manners, but that will come in time. 

Are you thankful for your strong-willed child?  Yes, they’re exhausting, but I’m convinced it’s a mistake to crush their spirits. 


Graceful said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for visiting my blog! I have read "Conversations with an Angry God" (part of my memoir-research phase). I really liked it -- she's a real original writer and laugh-out-loud funny.

And as for strong-willed...oh yeah, got one of those, too. My 4-year-old, red-headed Rowan. Man he is a piece of work. Everything they say about sassy red-heads...all true. I love his spirit...but I'm also usually really glad when 8 p.m. rolls around so I can recover and prepare for another day!

I can't wait to read your book!

mom22gifts said...

I struggle daily with my strong willed child. I believe she has the power to change the world...if she survives childhood. It is my biggest challenge to bring her in line with proper behavior without compromising her amazing powerful characteristics. I have never needed prayer so much until she came into our lives.