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Monday, January 4, 2010

(Not) Working At Home

I really tried my best to work at home last week.  But work and home really don’t belong in the same sentence.  At least not in my house.

Get this.  Get that.  I’m hungry.  I’m tired.  I want to play a game.  I don’t know how to work my new Christmas present.  I need help putting my shoes on.  I want to have a friend over.  My toy is broke.  Read me a book.  My sister hurt my feelings.  My brother pushed me.  I want another cookie. Watch me do this.  Hey, you’re not watching. 

Who in her right mind can get any work done?  Sure, I could just ignore them, but I knew they’d be back to school in a week.  So I did my best at multi-tasking and even snuck into the office a few days.  But for the most part, I said to myself, “it can wait until Monday.”

Now that Monday has arrived, I’m thankful for my quiet office.  Sure, I miss little people tugging at me, but they can tug all they want this evening. 

Some days, I’m thankful for my Monday routine.  Maybe your Monday routine is different than mine (and you didn't have little people tugging on you over the holidays), but I bet that most of us are ready to stop eating junk, get back into exercise, and even get some work done.

Anyone else ready to get back into a routine today?

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