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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jesus Barbie

My sister Amy bought my girls another Barbie.  Except this isn’t just any Barbie.  This one loves Jesus.

That's right.  We've added a Jesus Barbie to the collection.  The only problem?  Mattel doesn’t make a Jesus Barbie per se, so Amy went out and bought the look-alike version.  Her face is a little wider, her eyes are a little rounder, and her legs are just a little fuller.  She still has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears tasteful but trendy jeans.   She also wears a red shirt with a heart on it that says “Pick Jesus.”  Would my girls know the difference?

Of course they would.  Jesus Barbie lasted about 15 minutes, and they both wanted to play with the real Barbie.  Just as I had feared, Barbie was again leading them astray to a spiritually devoid world of halter tops and mini skirts.

I was ready to give up when Abby surprised me.  She ripped off Jesus Barbie’s clothes and put them on the real Barbie.   Now, Barbie proudly wears modest jeans and the “Pick Jesus” shirt, and everyone is happy.

Maybe I’m just a self-righteous brunette who is bitter about turning 40.   Truth be told, I was stereotyping Barbie the same way I hate it when the church crowd tries to define what a follower of Christ looks like.  Just because you're bleached blonde, show too much skin, and work in Hollywood, does that mean you can't be a follower of Jesus?  I think not!

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