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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Too Much Lemonade – More On Plan B

Lemonade stand placed in a garden
Is God really looking out for my best interest, or is he a cruel cosmic giant who wants to see how far he can push me?  Yeah, I know I’ve written that we should just make lemonade out of lemons when things don’t go as planned, but I’ve had enough of Plan B this month.  And I’m not talking about a birthday cake falling over in the trunk of my car.
What am I talking about?  Here’s the short version (details will follow in blogs to come).

Plan A
Plan A was supposed to be the perfect spa weekend with my sisters in the mountains of Utah.  We haven’t had a sisters-only weekend in over 10 years!  And when Amy (my middle sister) turned 50, she planned an all-inclusive spa getaway at a fabulous price.  We’d been looking forward to this trip for weeks.  Hiking.  Biking.  Mountains.  Exercise classes.  Gourmet health food.

I planned to exercise, eat well, enjoy nature, and even have time to write!  Plus, I would be with my four best friends in the world – my four big sisters – what could go wrong?

Plan A Plan B
Enter Plan B.  Life is full of the unexpected.  On the departing flight, an old root canal started acting up.  After landing and spending a few days with Amy in Vegas, it didn’t get better – it got worse.  It’s mind over matter, I told myself.  I can get through this, and I’m not going to let a sore tooth ruin my weekend

As we drove to the spa in Utah, the pain became excruciating.  I kid you not, the pain of a abscess tooth is akin to the pains of childbirth.  Four mother hens (aka older sisters) took over and insisted that I see a dentist.  I couldn’t stop thinking --this isn’t happening to me.  Not here.  Not now. This isn’t what I had in mind, God.  What happened to Plan A?

Plan B was in full motion.  My first day at the spa was spent in the dentist chair, not the mountains.  After having my tooth pulled, I wasn’t hiking or biking.  I was on my back.  I wasn’t eating or drinking.  I was icing.  And after becoming completely and totally nauseated from the codeine, I was lucky to keep a little water down.

Sometimes, it’s pretty tough to make lemonade out of lemons.  A failed birthday cake is one thing, but who can find the silver lining in a tooth extraction?
Do you ever find yourself asking God, Can’t we just ditch Plan B?

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