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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Mother’s Sauce

I never set out to write a cookbook.  In fact, I never set out to cook.  But guess what’s going to appear as an appendix in Chasing Superwoman?

That’s right, I’m publishing a recipe – none other than my mother’s sauce!

Some secrets are just too good to keep.  I’ll have to admit, I’m pretty excited to share such a deep and personal part of my life (and my stomach) with anyone who chooses to read the book!

For those of you who are interested in the writing process, this wasn’t in the original plans.  But when you’re writing a book, plans tend to change.  A couple of days before the book went to print, one of the editors asked me for the recipe given that I talk at length about my favorite foods (and in particular making sauce) in the book.  If you know me well, you know that food is an integral part of my family and spiritual life.  I had never written (or seen) the recipe on paper.  So after writing it down, we just decided to add it to the book.

What’s the recipe?  Of course, I can’t tell you.  Not yet.  If you’re hungry you’ll just have to wait!

Life is full of irony.  I’m publishing the recipe for my mother’s sauce (which is her mother’s sauce) in a book about a working mom, where I explain that I wasn’t Grandma’s favorite -- I simply wasn’t domestic enough.  And she never lived long enough to see me cook!  So, Grandma is probably looking down from heaven smiling (and even laughing).

See Grandma, I finally learned how to find my way around in the kitchen.  You taught me something after all!  

Sometimes, when we set out on an adventure (like writing a book) we finish with a surprise ending.  Have you ever set out to do one thing, and it ends up with an unexpected twist?

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