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Friday, April 16, 2010

Cake, Anyone? (Part 2) – Win A Starbucks Gift Card!

How did Nick’s birthday cake turn out?  Did the cake get the best of me, or did I get the best of the cake? 
Be the first to answer the question below correctly, and you’ll win that Starbucks card!

QUESTION:  What happened with Nick’s birthday cake?

a.  I had to throw it away.  The cake was all over the back of my car.  Even I couldn’t save it.  The restaurant offered to give us all free dessert, and everyone was happy.

b.  I gave it to a guy in the parking lot.  After Doug went in the restaurant, some guy in the parking lot came over to help me.  I told him I couldn’t bear to throw the cake away, so he offered to take it off my hands.  Then, I ran to the grocery story and bought a new cake.

c.  I ate it.  Even though I couldn’t feed the cake to Nick and his friends, I decided to just leave it in the back of my car.  And when we got home, I ate it (along with some help from the kids)!  It was delicious, even though Doug wouldn’t take a bite.  At the party, the restaurant provided a new cake – at a steep price!

d.  I served it at the party.  Once Doug went inside the restaurant, I put the top of the cake back on with my bare hands.  It really didn’t look that bad after all.  I took it in the restaurant (messy hands and all) and got a few stares and laughs.  But I didn’t care.  The kids all loved it, and even the parents wanted to try it – it was the best cake we’d had in a long time (even Doug liked it)!

  • You must post the correct answer on the blog (Facebook and email responses don’t count).
  • You must post on or before Saturday, April 17 at 11:59 p.m.
  • You cannot change your answer.
  • I can amend the rules at all times.
  • The winner will likely be announced on Monday, April 19.
Any questions?


Alison said...

I say "D".

MC said...

C- Ate it...and told your friend how good it was...

Keli Gwyn said...

I'm going with B. Must be the writer in me, but that possibility was the most unexpected of the choices.

I'm eager to learn the "rest of the story."

mom22gifts said...

Well I'll go with "A" just to make sure someone wins this week. That's my official vote. Honestly, I think "C".

Laura said...

I think D... it seemed like you to make the best of things and enjoy the cake anyway!

Sharon said...

I'm guessing "c." We're never supposed to judge a book by its cover, and I'm guessing the same holds true for cake. I'll bet it was delicious, even if it may not have looked "perfect."