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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Thrill Of A Bargain

Some women are expert shoppers – they know how to find real bargains.  I’m not just talking about the weekend sale at the local department store.  I’m talking about bargain-basement closeout prices.  When these women walk out of a store, the store loses money.  That’s right, some of these women are even known to get items for free!  They not only shop the specials, they wait in lines and usually have inside information.

My sister, Amy, is one of these women.  She’s taught me just about everything I know about shopping. Yes, part of it is genetic, but bargain shopping is also an acquired skill. 

What are the good traits of a bargain shopper?  Well, to start, you have to be patient.  Here’s a recent story to prove my point.

Amy is turning 50 today!  To celebrate her birthday, my three sisters and I are planning to visit her in Las Vegas next month.  What are we going to do?  This is where the story comes in.

Amy has expensive taste, so she’s arranged for us to stay at some state-of-the-art health spa in Utah.  Are we going to pay market price?  Of course not.  Are we going to get the weekend special?  Of course not. 
Amy has connections.  We’re still waiting on the details (which is where being patient comes in) but somehow we’re going to get some deal through a radio show and pay a fraction of the price.  Don’t ask me how.  I just know she has a plan.  And based on experience, I know she’ll come through. 

There’s a certain thrill in bargain shopping that comes with the hunt!  Yes, it requires some flexibility, but I’ll take a good deal over the predictability of paying full price any day.

Would you rather avoid the time and hassle and pay full price?  Or, like Amy, do you like the thrill of a bargain?

(By the way, Happy 50th Amy.  You're the best mentor I could ever have -- in faith and shopping!)

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