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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nomination #2 – The Shut Up And Act Awards

Not many people have the guts to start their own business.  So when my friend Cheryl told me a couple of years ago she was going out on her own, I said to myself, Wow, she really has some guts.

Ever since I’ve known Cheryl she’s been helping others.  Which is why she’s my second nomination for the Shut Up And Act Awards.

Cheryl is a highly skilled interior designer.  As a small business owner, she has rent to pay, inventory to stock, and payroll to meet.  Yes, I admire her not only for her talent, but for her ability to manage the stress and the demands of a small business.  But that’s not what I admire about her most.  What I admire about her most is her deep faith and her generous spirit.

When Cheryl started her business, she decided she was going to give a percentage of her income to help others in need.  Mind you, this was before she had money in the bank and loyal clients.  (This was also before our economy sunk into a deep recession.)

When the recession hit, did she decide that she would first make her business profitable and then see what she had left over to give?  Nope.  Instead, she had the guts to stick to her original plan.  And it’s paid off.  Not only is her business growing, she’s expanding her reach to support some organizations that help the poorest of the poor in the developing world.  Today, she’ll be hosting a benefit for Nuru, an organization that fights extreme poverty by teaching developing communities organic, self-sustaining farming techniques.  (Click here for further details.)

Cheryl lives out the motto No guts, no glory.  Thanks, Cheryl, for having guts.  Your glory will not only be in this life, but in the life to come.

Do you know anyone like Cheryl whose actions speak louder than words?  Send me an email or write a post, I’d like to nominate them for the Shut Up And Act Awards.

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