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Monday, March 1, 2010

March Is Sisters’ Month!

I have four older sisters.  Three of them are born in March.  Like it or not, you’re going to hear about them.  That’s right, March is officially Sisters Month. 

To start, I’d like to be clear about something.  I like being the youngest.  In fact, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Here’s why.

Top Ten Reasons I Like Having Four Older Sisters

1.  I never had to make my bed or clean up after myself.
2.  By the fifth child, my parents conveniently forgot the curfew rules.
3.  I got to be a “third wheel” on lots of dates.
4.  I always raided their clothes and make-up.
5.  I got to be in lots of weddings.
6.  I’m never expected to bring casseroles to family gatherings.
7.  I’m the last to get wrinkles.
8.  Now that I've gotten wrinkles, they know what kind of cream to buy -- and what kind not to buy.
9.  I get lots of unsolicited advice (most of it's actually valuable and starts with "when I was your age.......").
10.  I have four best friends for life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Regardless of whether you grew up with sisters or are blessed to actually like your siblings, we all need each other.  And God puts friends and mentors in our lives that we can look up to -- to help us learn the ropes in the obstacle course of life.

What “older sister” are you thankful for today?  Or, maybe you thrive on being a mentor to those of us who relish being the younger sibling. 

(Younger siblings are also known to post embarrassing things in blogs about their older counterparts!)

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