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Monday, May 3, 2010

May Is Mother’s Month

Close-up of flowers at a flower shop
There are lots of reasons to be happy it’s May.  Spring is here.  The flowers are in bloom.  Nights are shorter.  Days are longer.  I can finally run outside without my jacket.  Swimming pools will soon open.  Camping season is around the corner.  School is almost out for the summer.

As important, May is mother’s month.  We celebrate Mother’s Day on May 9.  And whether you’re a mother or not, we all have women in our lives to celebrate.  Women who take care of us, encourage us, and need our support.  Especially our mothers.

This May, I’d like to write about some of the strong mothers in the Bible – mothers we often don’t hear about.  Mothers who made a difference in the lives of their children.  Some of them were single and homeless.  Many of them worked hard to provide for their families.  No, we won’t be able to talk about all of them in May, but we’ll at least get started.  May is a good time to pay respects to their legacy.

But before we turn to the mothers of the Bible, give some thought to the women you plan to honor this Mother’s Day.  What will you do to celebrate their legacy?  (You still have plenty of lead time – you have a whole week to get that card in the mail or buy that special gift!) 

Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be here but for the women who went before us.

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