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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Woman: Eve

Two hands holding apple

This week, I’d like to focus on the first mother of all:  Eve.

Eve is known most for being the first woman to sin.  Would any of us have done any better?  After all, nobody’s perfect.  Besides, I can’t imagine the pressure of going first.

Eve was the first woman to live with a man. Forget courting. The first arranged marriage was by necessity -- Adam was the only game in town. Sure, it was probably pure bliss at first, even love at first sight. But after the Fall, the honeymoon was over. I mean really over. Who knows if she was still in love with him. The habits she previously found endearing -- like the way he talked in his sleep or cracked his knuckles -- probably became nasty and annoying. Talk about being out of options. Like it or not, it was time for her and Adam to populate the earth. Together.

Eve was likewise the first woman to give birth. The first to experience the excruciating pains of childbirth. Without drugs. The first to nurse a baby. The first to hold twin boys in her arms. The first to beg God that they’d sleep through the night.

Can you imagine being the first mother?  No one to call for help, no one to show you the ropes, no one to babysit or tell you, “Don’t worry, he’ll outgrow this stage.”

So, before we throw Eve under the bus, let’s give her some credit for going first!  After all, the women who went before us paved the way for generations to come.

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