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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Her Own Style

Display of scarves
My first-grader, Anna, has her own style.  Let’s just say she makes her own fashion choices (with little input from Mom).

Doug was picking Anna up at school, and one of the teachers – a teacher we had never met before -- stopped him.

“Hey, we were all talking about Anna the other day -- the way she dresses.  Anyway, we all decided that her mother must have been a big hippy or something.”

Doug just laughed and said, “Her mother is a lawyer.  She isn’t exactly the hippy type.”

I had a good laugh as well.  Anna went through a phase when she would only wear her headbands “bandana style” – the Cheech and Chong look, but on a first grader. One of my friends told me that Anna is just on the cutting edge of fashion, apparently Paris Hilton has also embraced bandana style.

I could stress out over it.  And I know people are talking about me behind my back -- What kind of mother would let her daughter dress like a hippy?  Doesn’t her mother ever wash her clothes?

But, frankly, I really don’t care.  On the list of things I have to worry about in life, this is close to dead last.  Besides, Anna’s style is growing on me.  I even have a few “hippy” shirts of my own.

Isn’t it better to be less focused on appearances and more focused on things like character and determination? 

There are some battles that just aren’t worth fighting!

1 comment:

Graceful said...

This one made me laugh out loud -- good for you for not caring! The other day I looked at Rowan, with his plaid shorts and striped tee, and I sort of gasped, wondering what my friends would think as we headed off to playgroup. But I decided I sure didn't care enough to change his clothes -- and he seemed rather pleased with his selection anyway!

I love this one, Susan! Now if only I could apply the not caring what people think to every facet of my life!