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Monday, February 8, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Wearing Panty Hose

I thought about putting on panty hose this morning but firmly decided against it.  Here are the top ten reasons I hate wearing panty hose:

1. I can’t breathe.

2. Men don’t have to wear them.

3. I would rather show off my hairy legs.

4. I can’t enjoy my dessert without getting a tummy ache.

5. They’re artificial.

6. They always run.

7. They're bad for the environment (I made that up, but I'm sure it's true).

8. They’re too old fashion.

9. My kids would rather use them for Halloween masks.

10. They make me sweat in places we should not discuss on a PG-13 blog.

Does anyone out there actually like to wear panty hose?   Let’s unite and ban them altogether. 


Alison said...

Here are the top 5 reasons I LOVE panty hose:
1) They give me the chance to have somewhat tan looking legs (for a melanin-challenged girl like me that matters)
3) I'll have a second dessert because of control-top
4) They cover my perpetual collection of bruises on my legs, compliments of my kids
5) They make my tush nice and smooth, again compliments of control-top

However, I do share your sentiment of disdain for the most part. Leg liberation, baby!

Susan DiMickele said...

You are FUNNY! I dare you to come up with 5 more (bet you can't)!

Karen said...

Alison doesn't need 5 more because she said it all with #2! :-)

I actually don't mind wearing them, but maybe that's because I don't do it very often. But I do hate when they run. It makes me crazy!

Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a great day!