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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mother’s Journal Or Blog?

Some of you have asked me, doesn’t blogging tend to replace writing in my kids’ journals?  After all, I’m recording a lot of memories right here.  Why do I still need to journal?

Here’s my answer.  I probably do write less in the kids’ journals since I wrote Chasing Superwoman and started a blog.  But their journals still serve a different, important purpose.  The journals are my private notes to my kids.  Yes, there are even some things that I would not put on a blog.

There are certain things I want to say to my kids without an audience.  Like when I’m proud of a new accomplishment, I know they’ve had their feelings hurt, or we’ve discovered something special together.  These are the kind of things I write in their journals – our special secrets.

So, even though I may not journal as much as I used to, I intend to keep the kids’ journals in full swing.  For those of you who haven’t written a journal to your kids, give it some thought.  What could be better than to record those private memories?

(For a discussion about starting a journal, see Keeping The Memories.)

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