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Friday, February 5, 2010

Moms Don't Get Sick, Do They?

Mom, sick?  The two words don't belong in the same sentence.  After all, who is going to be the mom when Mom is sick?

I was feeling a little under the weather the other evening.  My throat was sore, I was running a low grade fever, and my head was spinning.  I'm one of those people who refuses to get sick, but sometimes my immune system catches up with me.

I got home from work and lay down on the couch.  I didn't help with dinner.  I didn't tell anyone to finish homework.  I didn't pull out my briefcase, check my email, or return any phone calls.  No, I didn't even start blogging.  I just closed my eyes and did absolutely nothing.

My kids looked at me in terror.  Something was really wrong.  When does Mom ever lie on the couch and do nothing? 

Anna's maternal instincts kicked in, and she decided to take matters into her own hands.  She made of list of things to help me get well.  Food.  Water.  Bath.  Massage.  Abby ran to get her comb and brush (she decided it was time to get those nasty knots out of my curly hair), and in a matter of 15 minutes, I was hydrated, rubbed, combed, and bathed.  Then Anna prayed, Dear God, please help Mom to get better because we really need her.

I still didn't feel much better, but I wouldn't let the common cold get the best of me.  I was just thankful that my kids were taking good care of me.  Yes, sometimes even busy moms need to slow down and rest, like it or not.

So, some words of advice for my readers this weekend, slow down a little and get some rest!


Graceful said...

You've got some sweet kids!

My little one and I are sick this weekend, too. There's something to be said for racking out on the couch watching movies!

Hope you feel better soon...

Susan DiMickele said...

Hey, thanks much. Feeling better already!