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Friday, December 25, 2009

What’s So Special About A Shepherd?

I often wonder why the birth of Christ was first announced to shepherds.  Shepherds are low society.  They don’t have important jobs or drive fancy cars.  They probably don’t shower every day, and I don’t think they’re very religious.  Couldn’t Jesus have made a bigger splash if the angels would have appeared at the temple court in Jerusalem to announce that God incarnate had arrived on the scene?

If I were God’s PR Director, I would have chosen a more important venue.  A quiet hillside just doesn’t seem to do justice for the birth of a King.

Of course, I’m not God’s PR Director.  Like usual, God was a few steps ahead of me in unfolding an amazing plan.  A plan that started with a virgin woman who was probably 14 years old.  A plan that didn’t start with the educated or the political or religious leaders.   A plan that is about grace, not entitlement.

Come to think of it, I think that’s probably why God chose to first break the news to humble shepherds.  They didn’t expect it.

It’s just like God to pull off the unexpected.

As you know, I like surprises.  So this Christmas, I’m praying that God would show up and reveal his grace to those among us who least expect it.

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