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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saint Nicolas In Action

Now that Nick knows the truth about Santa, he’s having fun with his younger sisters.  He even told me that he’ll help me “play Santa” this year.  After all, knowledge is power.

To get the ball rolling, Nick went out of his way to make Christmas lists for Anna and Abby.  When he ran out of room on Abby’s list he said, “Abby, you can only put one more thing on your list.”

Abby frowned, and Anna replied, “She can ask for more.  After all, Santa can afford it.”

Nick’s eyes locked mine as he said sternly, “Santa has to make it fair for everyone.”  Anna then started to explain that most of the gifts she wants are from Justice, and she’s really concerned about how Santa’s elves are going to get the goods – after all, everyone knows the elves don’t care about fashion.

Before I could respond, Nick started to explain how the elves get the Justice merchandize to the North Pole via an express train (kinda like the Polar Express), and they’ll be sure to get everything in time for Christmas Eve.  Anna looked relieved.  I looked at Nick and thought, “I’ve created a monster.”

Abby then blurted out, “Santa can do anything.”  Anna wasn’t so sure, so she asked,

“Is that really true, can Santa do anything?” 

Before Nick went on another power trip, I jumped in and responded, “Of course not, only God can do everything.”  (Moms are a distant second, with Santa much further down the list.)

Lucky for me, I have my own St. Nicolas in my living room.

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