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Friday, October 29, 2010

Does God Care About Trick-or-Treat?

Jack-o-lantern and trick or treater walking through doorway

Does God care about Trick-or-Treat?

I happen to think he does.

No, this isn’t a post about whether Halloween is evil or whether God approves of Trick-or-Treat (I’ll save that for next year).

This post is about prayer.

I told my kids about a month ago that I would be gone for Trick-or-Treat.

“I’m so sorry guys, but Mom will be out of town for work.  I’ll try to plan around it next year.  Dad will take you around, and you’ll still have fun.”

They weren’t happy. (About this same time Nick announced that he was never going to be a lawyer – that he’d rather be a “stay-at-home dad, like Dad.”)

So Anna started to pray.  Every night, at bedtime, she would finish, “And please God, we pray that Mom will be at Trick-or-Treat.”

Talk about a guilt trip. 

I almost told her to stop praying about it.  The meeting had been scheduled for months.  It would never be cancelled.  Besides, there are more important things to be praying about.

Then, it happened.  For reasons completely outside of my control, my schedule changed.  And I found myself home for Trick-or-Treat last night.

I think I had more fun than the kids.  Our whole street lit up, and the evening turned into a block party.  We stayed up too late and ate too much candy. 

But my favorite thing about Trick-or-Treat wasn’t the neighbors, the fun, or the candy.

It was answered prayer.  

Who says God doesn't care about Trick-or-Treat?


Wendy Paine Miller said...

Wow, so you do get me. ;)

And how cool that your daughter's prayers were heard.

Someone once told me even our most flippant prayers are heard and that's made me think about what kind of God we have.

~ Wendy

Marcus Goodyear said...

God cares about his children--and what they care about. This is a challenging story for me. My default view of God is unfortunately detached. I'm not sure where I picked that up, but it's hard to shake.

Amy Sullivan said...

Ohhh, I love that your God heard your daughter's prayer and you got to enjoy this with your family!

Isn't it amazing that He does care about all of it? Even pumpkins and candy.

Laura said...

I love this!! I love praying kids who believe God will do whe He says. What a great lesson they are for us.

I also love how your block turned into a party. Ours does, too, with the elderly neighbors who wait to see what the kids will be dressed up as each year. So neat.

Susan DiMickele said...

I've decided that next year I'm dressing up.

T. Anne said...

This warms my heart! And what a lesson to never tell your children to give up and not pray about something. Lord knows I've had that same inclination. I'm glad you were there last night!