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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What’s Your Major?


What was your college major?  And did you end up taking a different path? 

That's the question today on Working Mommy Wednesday.

I have a short answer and a long answer.

First, the short answer.

I majored in political science and minored in history.  And I loved every minute of it.  I could have stayed in college forever.  Which is why I didn’t get a real job after graduation.  Instead, I went to law school.  (And, for the record, law school isn’t nearly as fun as college.)  But I do love practicing law.

That was the short answer.

There’s also a longer answer – there’s more to the story.

I didn’t just major in political science in college.  I had something else up my sleeve.  Something more important.

In college, I majored in Jesus.

That’s right.  College was a defining moment for my spiritual journey.  I decided in college that I was going to follow a guy with long hair and sandals who said he was God.  A guy who walked the earth over 2000 years ago and gave his life for others.  A guy who claimed to raise from the dead.

I had always believed in Jesus.  But college is when I decided I was going to take him seriously.  He became my major for almost 4 years.

But that was almost 20 years ago.

If you looked at my life today, what would you say I am majoring in? 




The American Dream?

I’m not sure you would say I’m majoring in Jesus.  As much as I want to major in Jesus, life has become so complicated.  Most days, he gets crowded out by other demands.  Most days, he’s a minor – not a major.


The fact of the matter is, we’re all majoring in something.

When people look at your life, what would they say is your major?


Wendy Paine Miller said...

What an awesome question.

I think they'd say I'm majoring in trying to stay sane. ;)

Or maybe fighting hard for my passion.

Going to be thinking on this one.

I majored in English, creative writing and even though I took a hiatus for some years, I obviously returned to it.
~ Wendy

Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, I'm afraid to even ask what people would say I major in...hopefully, the good stuff, God, family, close friends.

In college, I majored in education, but I feel as if I may stray from that soon.

Great question.

Julia said...

i majored in exercise science. while in college, i slipped away from Jesus a little... but so back in love with Him.

thanks for sharing your blog platform to tell others about Jesus!!

Amanda said...

College really solidified my relationship with Christ, too. I had been a Christian for years, but later in high school and on into college, He really became the center of my life. I love your post!

Heidiopia said...

I majored in Art History... still my passion if not my profession and hope someday for it to be "what I do" in some fashion.

But right now, I'm majoring in shaping and molding young people, both my own and others', to be successful in school while walking His Walk. The pay is horrible, but the pay-OFF is huge.

Esther said...

i majored in biochemistry and then went to grad school for education. I am not using ANY of that! but happy about it, because God uses me anyway :)

Laura said...

That's a scary question to ask.

But I'd love to know what my major seems to be, to others.

I was a Drama major, and English minor. Am I on Broadway now? No, but I'm privileged to teach high school English, Speech and Drama and to be a writer, too! It's a great life, I'd say.

Gina said...

I love how you answered this question. I really wish I could say the same. I had such different priorities in college.

Beana said...

So true that college is more about the experience and the growing up then the actual degree. I grew a ton in my relationship with God in college (I went to a Christian college). It was also where I really learned who God created me to be and developed confidence in who I was.