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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fan Mail

USA, California, Los Angeles

Writers live for fan mail.  And even though we try not to exist for the approval of others, it sure feels good when someone says, “You’re a really great writer” or “You really helped me think about this in a new way.”
I have a folder that I keep of “fans” – people who have gone out of their way to encourage me on my writing journey.  Some of them I’ve never met.  Some of them I haven’t talked to in years.  But I consider them all dear friends.

Today, I thought I’d share about a special relationship I’ve developed with a woman named Linda.

Linda isn’t a blogger.  She isn’t a writer.  And she isn’t a working mom.

Linda is a devoted wife, mother, and grandma.  And her daughter-in-law works in a fast-paced career with small children.  So when she heard about Chasing Superwoman, she reached out to me and said, “I get it!  You have my full support!”

I met Linda at my first book signing in North Canton, Ohio.  And we became instant friends.  Linda sends me encouraging emails.  She prays for me.  And when I’m really struggling, I know I can reach out to Linda for support and say, “Help, I need a few extra prayers today!”

In fact, some days when I wonder – Why do I keep writing these posts? Who the heck is going to read this anyway? – I think about Linda.  Linda will read this.  Linda is listening.  Linda is cheering me on.
We all need a Linda, don’t we?

(If you’re thinking --Wow, this is really a touchy-feely post -- don’t worry.  We’ll be coming back to reality on Monday when we talk about hate mail.  Have a good weekend!)


Heidiopia said...

I think you touch a lot more people than you really know! But it is a great feeling to have someone appreciate your work, your thoughts, your heart. Keep it up... I love reading your blog with my morning coffee before I start my day!
Have a wonderful, restful weekend!

Unpolished Parenting said...

I agree with Heidiopia. And I am glad you have someone you can really rely on to give you kind words and encourage you! If I haven't said it before, I do appreciate you and the way you challenge me to become a better person.

Graceful said...

Thank God for the Lindas in our lives...and may we all be a Linda to someone else in need!

I like this touchy-feely side of you, Susan! ;)

Wendy Paine Miller said...

I the heck. I the heck am reading.

You rock!

I loved your book. The world needs more real and brave women like you.

~ Wendy

Amy Sullivan said...

So first of all, everyone needs a little touchy feely. Next, yes, I have a Linda in my life, and my gosh, am I ever THANKFUL for her. Lastly, I may not be a consistent commenter, but I am a consistent reader...keep it coming because I love what you add to this crazy blogosphere. Your blogs is one I connect with, remember, and return to!

Eyvonne said...

I'd love a Linda! I get encouragement from people I know from the time "before I was a writer" but I'd be really need to have encouragement from someone outside my immediate friend/family circle.

I'm sure Linda appreciates that you encouraged her to encourage you!

Susan DiMickele said...

You ladies are really the best! I mean it. Yeah, I'm still feeling all touchy feely. Linda was so excited about the blog on Friday -- she sent me another one of her great emails over the weekend. Talk about encouragement. Let me be a Linda to others who need it!