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Monday, October 25, 2010

Are You Losing It?

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Do you ever feel like you’re losing it?  If so, you're not alone.

Last week, I was getting ready for work when Anna pulled out a note in her back pack and exclaimed, “Mom, I didn’t know you were volunteering today!”

I didn’t know either.  I had apparently forgotten about helping out in second grade.

How am I going to swing this when I’m getting ready to go out of town?

Anna continued, “Mommy, I’m so excited for you to come to my class.  What time are you going to be there?”

I couldn’t say no.

“I’ll have to call your teacher, Anna.  It depends on what time she needs me.”

Anna was so excited she could hardly contain herself.  I headed into the office, trying to figure out how I was going to be two places at once.  I left Anna’s teacher an email.  I left her a voicemail.  I finally tracked down the school secretary and found out I needed to be there at 12:15 p.m. – right after lunch.

I had exactly two hours and thirty minutes to accomplish eight hours of work.

So I kicked into scary-high gear.  Scary-high gear doesn’t happen very often, but look out when it does.  Don’t get in my way.  Don’t interrupt me.  And don’t expect me to be rational. 

By 11:30, I was on fire (and running ahead of schedule).  I called a couple of co-workers to load several boxes of documents into my car and announced I would be back in the office in a few days.

The only problem?

I couldn’t find my car keys. 

So we looked everywhere.  A team of people helped me turn my office upside down.  We looked in the conference room.  The bathroom.  My secretary called security.  She next called the coffee shop in our building.  I looked in my car.

It was 11:50 a.m.  Still no keys.

I started to panic.

Anna is going to think I’ve forgotten about her.  I’m going to be late.  Quick, I need a car.  Somebody call a cab.  I need to get to the grade school.

Another lawyer-mom knew I was desperate and offered her keys.  I had to move fast.  I’ll deal with the boxes later.  I’ll just have to delay my trip.  Then, I heard a voice inside of me.  Check your purse again.

Right there.  Right in my purse, I found my car keys.

I looked at the blank stares around me, and I knew what my colleagues were thinking.  She’s officially losing it.

They were right.  I’m not afraid to admit when I’m losing it.  It only happens once or twice a year.  I’m not sure it’s preventable, so I’m not going to try to blog about any “lessons learned.”

Instead, I’d like hear how you know when you’re losing it.

Please tell me I’m not alone.


Wendy Paine Miller said...


That's my answer. ;)

My memory has been weak lately. My three-year-old smoked me in a game of Memory. I put peanut butter in the fridge lately. I keep wondering if I have too much on my mind, if I'm experiencing delayed grief or if I'm just getting old.

I am with you on this one.
~ Wendy

Ang said...

I agree with Wendy: the answer is Yes. But so are we! I can't believe you shared the lost keys story, because I managed to misplace mine yesterday afternoon within the span of five steps from one car to the other. I was so rattled hunting for them, I began to wonder if I even had the keys in my hand when I walked outside, or if the car was unlocked already. (Long story short, they had fallen into a bag that I was carrying -- a bag that I checked TWICE.)

As for how to tell if you're losing it - for me, at least - I know it when my mind goes utterly blank and I can't remember why I walked into the room (or, apparently, what I had in my hands when I entered the room). Thankfully, the "losing it" days are balanced by more "got it together" days! ;) Hang in there.

Heidiopia said...

I can usually tell I'm losing it when I have more Blond Moments than usual. ;-) Usually about once or twice a, make that WEEK!

Laura said...

Oh, you have LOTS of company here.

How do I know I'm losing it? Two things: One, I hear an attitude coming out of my mouth that I really don't recognize, and Two, I get this ache in my back, right between the shoulder blades.

That whole key thing? Been there, too. How was the classroom?

BigD said...

I lost it last week when I couldn't find my keys. I made a trip to the car with all the "stuff" for the day. Got ready to pull out of the garage and remembered to run back in to grab the library books that were about to go Over Due.
Return to the car: No keys!
Where did they go?
I tore thru the house, the garage, my purse, my work bag, the library bag... no keys. That's when I knew I was losing it.
The tears started flowing.
I leaned my head on the steering wheel and saw them: The keys... in the ignition!!!

You are NOT alone.
Hang in there!

mrsgleffter said...

Wow Laura I think you read my mind. The pain between the shoulders is a true sign I am losing it and need to reorganize and reprioritize (ie....slow down)!

Susan DiMickele said...

So that's what that pain is between my shoulders.

T. Anne said...

LoL at least you weren't holding them. That's a true blond moment. ;) I've done this and numerous other hilarious albeit tragic at the time type of things. *sigh* Too many plates spinning usually means trouble. =)

Rachel M. said...

Today I had a meltdown after two hours of calling between my 2 month old son's Pediatric and his insurance company and finally realizing they didn't start his insurance until 9/1 and he was born 7/29. I finally called the insurance rep who'd set the whole thing up incorrectly thus insuring non of his bills were getting paid and kindly asked her to fix it. All this because 2 months ago I didn't read her email carefully enough and see she had set everything up for 9/1. I used to be so good at details. With 2 kids I'm officially losing it, or over doing it or trying to do too many things at one time, none of them very well. So yes, I'm with you on this one! Oh and I keep "losing" my sunglasses on my head!

Katie Ganshert said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one who does this! It drives me nuts!! I'll be looking everywhere for my cell phone or my keys and they end up being in my bag when I knew for SURE I'd checked in there already.

And LOL to Wendy's peanut butter in the fridge. I've been known to do that on occassion.