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Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

Sparklers and American flag
In Upper Arlington, Ohio, the 4th of July parade is an annual event.  We’re not just talking about any parade.  We’re talking about a two-hour spectacular show of music, bands, floats, old cars, veterans, cheerleaders, ball players, biker riders, and “other.”

The “other” category is usually my favorite.   You never know what to expect.  For example, this year, we had an Ohio State Buckeye ambulance.  The injured victim?  A Michigan Wolverine.

Some of the “other” participants included grown men in long wigs and cheerleading skirts, a dance band, and a group of ladies who –when lined up side by side – proudly formed the American flag.

Why does the “other” factor excite me so much?

I actually gave some thought to this question during the parade.  After all, isn’t it rather odd that I’m inspired by grown men in wigs doing cheerleading routines?

Yes, I do like the unexpected.  But I think it’s even more than that.  The “other” factor teaches us that you can’t put freedom in a box.  In fact, the “other” factor is perhaps the best display of American freedom.
I love living in a community where the whole town stops to celebrate freedom for a day -- a community where zany adults spend late nights and long weekends making floats and learning dance routines, so that children can ride along, cheer, and celebrate our nation's independence.

Let freedom ring!


Wendy Paine Miller said...

You live in my husband's dream land. He's a big time Buckeye fan. We just vacationed in Lakeside for a week.
~ Wendy

Laura said...

It sounds like a fun-filled fourth, Susan! We opted out on the parade and fireworks this year...spent a quiet one at home (if you don't count the constant booming of neighbors setting off their own display). I missed the hoopla a little bit. We'll have to go in the the "other" next year!

Dave said...

No self respecting Buckeye ambulance would transport a wolverine. :) Happy 4th!