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Friday, July 9, 2010

It’s Just A Sprain (Not!)

Arm in a sling

Last week, my 9-year-old Nick came home early from a sleepover at 10:00 p.m., holding his arm in pain.  I could tell the way he was acting that something was really wrong.

My first instinct was to rush him to the hospital.  My husband, Doug, didn’t exactly agree.

“He’ll be fine.  He just needs to straighten his arm out.  It’s not broken.”

Nick continued  to moan in pain.  Doug took hold of his arm and gently tried to straighten it.  Nick started to cry, so I intervened.

“I really think we should take him to the hospital.”


“Yes, tonight.  It could be broken.”

Doug continued to insist everything was “fine” and I continued to insist something was really wrong.  My maternal instincts flipped into high gear, and Nick and I rushed to the emergency room.

Yep, a broken arm.

Thank God for over-protective mothers!  Sometimes, we just need to follow our gut.  No, my maternal instincts aren’t always right, but when it comes to my children, I’m usually dead on.  Can anyone relate?

Have a good weekend!


Wendy Paine Miller said...

Good gut. Good gut!!! So glad you went. Hope your son is hanging in there.

I had this happen when we were temporarily in Louisville. My daughter's teacher concerned me--kindergarten of all things. Reports of yelling, etc. I met my daughter for lunch and ended up having a convincing conversation w/ the student teacher. I called the principal and got involved. Thankfully my daughter was switched to another class. Her first teacher was placed on probation.

I'm so glad I went w/ my gut. I'd wrestled w/ being an overprotective mom, but my gut wouldn't let it rest. Yeah, guts! :D

Happy weekend.
~ Wendy

Laura said...

Those mommy instincts are rarely wrong. Isn't life inconvenient sometimes?

T. Anne said...

Your a better mommy than me! I took my son in the next day hoping it was just a sprain. Lucky for me he has a high pain tolerance. Job well done!

Amy Sullivan said...

Oh yes, when I deny that feeling in my gut I usually regret it...but sometimes it is hard because sometimes that little gut feeling makes you feel like a crazy, overprotective mom.

Babetta said...

Glad you went early. I think God gives us those good gut feelings. I always feel like a dork when I ignore mine and do the opposite.

Graceful said...

I am more often a total over-reactor, while my husband is the sensible one. If it were up to me, I'd have my kids in the ER every other day.

Susan DiMickele said...

I've been accused of over-reacting myself. But your comments confirm my instincts. Go with the gut.