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Friday, July 30, 2010

Chasing Superwoman Give-Away At Graceful

There are lots of reasons to check out Michelle DeRusha's blog, Graceful.   Michelle's writing is insightful, authentic, and spiritual.  And she even posts her own lovely photographs (none of that clip art stuff I get off the internet)!  I've been reading Graceful for over six months, and I'm hooked.

In addition, check out the Chasing Superwoman give-away on Michelle's blog today!  Michelle was one of my first friends in "blogging land" and she's supported me through this book launch every step of the way. (Rumor has it, she's going to teach me how to use Twitter next!)

Thanks, Michelle, for your writing and your friendship.   Have a good weekend all, and happy reading!


Wendy Paine Miller said...

Very cool about the giveaway. Excited for you to get on Twitter. Like it more than I thought I would.
~ Wendy

Laura said...

I've already been over to Graceful this morning. Isn't Michelle great?

Mommycrat said...


While I just found your blog, I really enjoyed reading through it, so I gave you an award. You can see it here:

Don't know if you "do" blog awards - if not, just my way of saying I'm enjoying reading.

travelmom said...

Hi Susan! So nice to meet you. Thanks for your encouraging comments over at my place. I'm looking forward to following you and yes - reading that book of yours!


Graceful said...

Thanks for the lovely shout-out, Susan! You are so sweet. So glad I've met you through this crazy blogging world. Hope you had a good weekend..

(announcing the winners tomorrow on the blog...)

Jennie said...

I'm so very excited to be a winner! Thank you for the heads up, Susan! I cannot wait to dig into your book. :)