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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Visit Me Today At Rants And Ramblings!

Today I'm guest blogging with my agent, Rachelle Gardner, at Rants and Ramblings.

Rachelle is the best in the business, and I'm proud to have her represent me.  Not only do I admire her for being a great agent, she's a business woman after my own heart -- she has a no-nonsense style, an incredible wit, and she's likewise juggling the many demands of career, family, and faith.  Simply put, she juggles with style.  And she's addicted to Starbucks.  What's not to like?

If you've followed my writing journey, you know that Getting An Agent was likely the most important step in the process.  As a first-time author we had to Overcome Platform, never an easy task!  I'll have to admit, I was pretty impatient during the whole processs and was more than anxious to get On To The Publishers

I'm grateful for each step of the publishing process, and I'm greatful to have an agent who shares my vision and purpose.  Thanks Rachelle for being my agent and friend in this crazy yet rewarding life we're living as working mothers.  Here's to many books to come!


C S said...

Susan, I just found your blog via Rachelle Gardner's, and it looks wonderful. Congratulations on your upcoming first published book!

I look forward to reading more here and in your book.

Cheers and all the best,
My Sydney Paris Life

Graceful said...

Hey Susan,
I was psyched to see you over at Rachelle's today!

Let me know if you would ever like me to review your book on my blog. I know I don't have huge numbers, but I have a passion for writing. And I like you! :)

Susan DiMickele said...

Thanks CS -- good to meet you!

As for my friend Michelle, I would be honored to have a review on Graceful! I like you too!