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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daddy’s Girl

Father and Daughter Flying Kite

When my 4-year-old Abby wakes up in the morning, I greet her and say, “Good morning sweetheart.”
Her response?  “Where’s Daddy?”  Every time.

Abby is what you call a Daddy’s Girl.  In her world, Daddy rocks.  He can do anything.

Mom?  Not so much.

Never mind that I dress her, feed her, read her books, and put her to bed.  Daddy is fun.  Daddy lets her eat junk.  Daddy lets her sit in a booster seat instead of a car seat.  Daddy lets her watch TV.

Daddy this.  Daddy that.  It’s really quite exhausting.

Last week I was taking Abby to preschool.  (Daddy usually takes her.)  During our 10-minute drive, she constantly moaned, “I want Daddy.”  Then she started criticizing my driving.  “Daddy usually goes that way, not this way.” 

Just what I need.  Another back seat driver.

When I walked her into school, her teachers exclaimed, “Her daddy usually spins her upside down five times before he says goodbye.  He’s kinda started a tradition.”

I didn’t want to disappoint them all, but I wasn’t about to spin her upside down.  I’d probably twist my ankle in my high heels and drop her on her head.  No thanks, I’m not Daddy.

I have other qualities she’ll eventually appreciate.  Wait until her hormones kick in.  Wait until she wants to go shopping.  Wait until her first boyfriend appears on the scene and her beloved Daddy chases him away. 
(Besides, my 6-year-old Anna already thinks I’m the bomb, so my ego isn’t completely bruised.)

For now, I’m happy to let Abby be Daddy’s Girl.  After all, how many little girls get a chance to have their daddies as their heroes?


Heidiopia said...

Good thinking! A "daddy's girl" bond is a special one, for sure...too many children out there that don't have a daddy to make them feel special. She'll come around to you eventually and you'll be watching "Glee" together, going for manicures, and wiping away her tears when her heart is broken. You'll see :) the meantime, let Daddy be the one.

Susan DiMickele said...

Thanks for you insight. Anna actually went through the same thing as a toddler -- and now we are best girlfriends!

Laura said...

Yeah, this was me, too, as a little one. I came around. You're right -- it's great that she has a dad who can be her hero.

Keli Gwyn said...

Our one and only has always been a daddy's girl. She's now nineteen and is living in her college town, but the bond she and my husband share is as strong as ever.

This is the first year she won't be coming home for Father's Day, since she has to work that day. She's invited him to visit at a later date for a belated celebration and is busy making plans to ensure that his visit is special. That warms my heart.

I treasure the bond Gywnly and the Fashion Queen have. He is definitely her hero. My prayer is that the Lord has a wonderful man much like her dad in mind for her.

Graceful said...

I totally love this! My five-year-old worships my husband -- I am a poor substitute for daddy. But when he's sick, he wants his mommy, so I know there's some love for me in there somewhere!