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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Too Busy To Pray? I’m Not Buying It!

“I just can’t find time to pray.  I’m just too busy!”

Does this sound familiar?

Well, I’m not buying it!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand we’re all busy.  We’re overworked, undervalued, and downright exhausted.  Our kids are running us around from band practice to soccer fields. We’re already getting up too early. Staying up too late.

And if you’re like me, you’ve given God every excuse in the book. 

I need the extra sleep.

I’ll pray more when my schedule changes.

I'll do it tomorrow.

I’m too tired.

You already know what I’m thinking God, why do I have to tell you?

I pray when I tuck my kids in at night.  Doesn’t that “count”?

Fortunately, God isn’t keeping score.  Which frankly makes me want to pray all the more.  But that’s not the only reason I want to pray.  You see, I’m convinced that the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

Which is why this month, I want to talk about prayer.  And I don’t just want to talk about it, I want to do something about it.  Better yet, I want you to join me. 

I’m tired of the same old excuses.  Aren’t you?

So, what’s your excuse when it comes to prayer?  Are you too busy?  Too tired?  Or maybe you just need a fresh start?

[Join me next Monday when I talk about the power of a Prayer Maven!]


Heidiopia said...

Always good to have a fresh start and a fresh perspective! I pray when I go to bed at night, but I often fall asleep in the middle of it (horrible, I know). When I wake up in the middle of night (which is 95%) of the time, I try to pick up where i left off... and often that's when I'm still enough to pray and LISTEN. :)

Olivia Newport said...

Breath prayers carry me through the day and help me welcome God into every moment. Looking forward to your discussions of prayer!

mrsgleffter said...

Thanks for the kick in the behind! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on prayer. Going to try to consciously pray more often and more fervently.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t come to Him with enough reverence. I talk to God throughout the day as I would a dear friend. But it bothers me I miss the holiness aspect sometimes.
~ Wendy

Jean Wise said...

Love this post and certainly agree. I find with prayer though I lapse into our cultural way of handling things now - skimming and rushing through everything. I take time to pray but often my mind is still planning the rest of the day and I am not fully attuned to God. So I may take the time but not the depth. something I am working on.

Laura said...

Oh, this is gonna be good, Susan! Everyone of those excuses sounds familiar (she says sheepishly). Looking forward to this discussion!

Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

I definitely need to tune into this series, Susan. I've been sleeping in the last 2 weeks and blowing off my morning Bible study and prayer time. Yikes!

Theresa Miller said...

I need that scripture you quoted about the earnest prayer producing powerful results. Sometimes, it's just lack of faith in just that.