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Monday, October 24, 2011

Say No To Cell Phones And Yes To Prayer!

Mobile phones are sucking the life right out of us.  Present company included.  (Yeah, I’m an addict.)

From distracted drivers to texting during family meals and business meetings, we’re zoned out and checked out way too often.

Amber Binkertation is putting her mobile phone in the trunk whenever she drives this week!

Heather Sunseri was rightfully annoyed when iPhone cameras recently dominated a wedding ceremony.

I was recently stunned by texting during a funeral.

We don’t even try to hide it.   And we need help.  We need an intervention.  Which is why – for this week – I’m going to say “no” to my cell phone and yes to prayer.

No, I’m not getting rid of my mobile phone.  I legitimately need it for my job and family.  But I don’t need to be talking while I’m driving.  I don’t need to be walking around airports with my earpiece.  And I don’t need to be texting during breakfast.  (Note to self:  I am really annoying when I walk around with my earpiece.)

Here’s where prayer fits in.  I’m going to take all that unnecessary “phone time” this week and pray instead.  Which means I’ll have a few extra hours of prayer in my schedule.

Care to join me?


Laura said...

This is one problem that has left me behind (she says as she surfs the web while waiting for her van to be serviced) but my kids really drive me nuts with the texting bit. I wonder what they would say if I implemented your intervention, Susan? least I can participate.

Kathleen Basi said...

Hear, hear! As if there weren't enough distractions already! I also feel a "need" for a cell phone for safety in emergency situations...but I keep it to the cheapest, most frills-free, hard-to-use unit I can possibly find. That way, I don't have the option to surf, text, etc. They're great tools but so hard to control.

Heather Sunseri said...

Great idea, Susan! I, too, am terribly guilty of loving my cell phone A LOT! But like I mentioned in my article (thank you for the mention, by the way), I'm getting tired of seeing phones being used at very inappropriate times. There were even some confessions to bad smart phone usage in the comments to my blog - like during small group Bible study by my husband and my minister. And they're not the only ones. They were just brave enough to admit it.

I could use some extra prayer time. I, too, am going to turn my phone off and get in some extra praying. THANKS!!

Olivia Newport said...

I recommend a book by Nicholas Carr, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains. He has a lot of great research and insight into how our dependence on technology is changing our brains and, obviously, changing how we live our lives. We live in an information-rich context, but the price is that it is also interruption-rich, and we put up with it more and more.

nicolewian said...

This is a great idea!

Julie Cragon said...

I agree with all. Great idea.

Amber - Binkertation said...

Thanks for the mention. There is definitely something to be said for getting unplugged - whether it's freeing up time for prayer or time for original thought, I'm absolutely in favor. My commutes to and from work have been considerably less peaceful! said...

Good idea. I like to listen to music in the car, and kind of let my mind wander (which is alot like my praying?), instead of using the phone. I think it's reviving in some ways.

And one other thing - how about those people who are on their phones while in public restrooms? That has got to top the list of annoying cell-phone uses.

Nancy said...

Cell phones are just glorified leashes. We didn't used to feel as though we needed to be tethered at all times. It's helpful for me to remember that. My husband turns off his cell phone when he gets home from work and leaves it off. All night. And continues to function as a responsible human being. I'm learning to switch mine off (or at least turn the ringer off) so I can pay attention to it when I want to--not when it demands.

Connie@raise your eyes said...

Amen! When I turned in my "smart phone" for a dumb one again (after a few years as an avid user), the sales rep was incredulous.

But I decided that I needed to quit emailing with my thumbs! Since even regular phones now have internet capabilities, I've turned all that off too.

When I leave my house, I now keep my phone on vibrate and only answer if I know it's important, or if they leave a message that needs my immediate attention.

Ann Kroeker said...

Now that I have daughters who are driving age, I am careful to limit phone calls in the van and never text. I ask them to text on my behalf if it's urgent (we're meeting someone or need directions, etc.).

Your prayer decision is a great behavioral modification idea--replace one behavior with another, more beneficial one.

(Right, Laura?)

Susan DiMickele said...

Ok, this is really hard. I just got a new iPhone today. And I really can't wait to use it ALL the time. Help!

Talk is cheap. Actions are expensive!