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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is He Here Yet?

It was Buddy’s first time in my Sunday School class.  Maybe even his first time at church.  I watched his big, blue 4-year-old eyes take it all in – the singing, the playing, the praying.

When it was almost time to leave, I pulled him aside and said, “I’m really glad you’re here.” 

He continued to stare.  Who is this crazy lady who likes to sing silly songs and play duck duck goose?

But no, it wasn’t a blank stare.  His wheels were turning -- he was thinking.  So I said to him, “You know, Jesus is really glad you’re here today.”

He quickly responded, “Yeah, I know. Is he here yet?”

I (barely) held back my laughter.  Buddy wanted Jesus to show up.  Pure and simple.

“Yes, he’s here right now.  He’s everywhere.  Not just in church.” 

Buddy looked confused.  Like many of us, he had gone through the “church” drill.  But he wanted more.  He wanted a real live encounter with God.  He didn’t just want Jesus to show up, he expected him to show up.

Sure, Buddy may have a few things to learn about God.  He may be an unchurched preschooler, but I love his simple faith.  I love his anticipation.  I love his question.

How many of us have the courage to ask,  “Is he here yet?”  Or have we already made up our minds?  Not here. Not now. It’s not possible – or even if it’s possible, it won’t happen to me.  

Like Buddy, maybe we just need to ask.  Maybe it’s time we expect Jesus to just show up.


Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

Oh my gosh, I love this Susan! Man, it's scary how much Buddy and I have in common! I've thought more than once or twice, "Well...where is He? I can't see Him!" Is He here yet?

Love it.

Jen said...

Love that child-like faith!

Jenny Sulpizio said...

So innocent and so sweet! Love it!

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Like Michelle, I was thinking I'm quite a bit like Buddy. I would have been cracking up. It's one of those comments that's truly funny coming out, but quite profound with thought.
~ Wendy

Esther said...

This is great! I love the expectation in Buddy. I want to be buddy-like today! Bring it!

Esther said...

This is great! I love the expectation in Buddy. I want to be buddy-like today! Bring it!

Charming's Mama said...

Oh, that He would come. Imagine what that would be like. Have you ever heard the song "I can only Imagine" by Mercy Me? It asks a similar question. What would I do if He really did show up? Chokes me up every time.

Heidiopia said...

Beautiful, simple, innocent faith. Love it. :)

Deidra said...

Oh that sense of expectation. If only we could all get a bit of that!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Your most convicting question for me -- "or have we already made up our minds?" He can't be here!

Oh, Buddy! Hope he comes back next Sunday.

Amy Sullivan said...

Oh my gosh, how many times do I ask that question? Without Buddy's sweet faith of course. When I ask, it is more like, WHERE IS HE? (insert desparate voice!).

Loved the story you left over at my place over the giving fund. Oh, I have so been there. In fact, I have been the one having a fit many times!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we need to be so plain in our own spiritual expectations.

"Is He Here Yet?" is what we don't ask enough at work... He's already there, it's just a matter of our anticipation and expectation - which is what will reveal His presence.