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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Follow Your Instincts Moms!

Nick smacked a double into left field, and I was on my feet screaming.  "Slide, Nick, Slide!"  He slid into second base, but didn't get up.  In fact, he stayed in a ball lying next to the base.

Being the sensitive mom that I am (who loves to win baseball games) I continued to scream, "Get on the base, Nick, or he's going to tag you out!  GET ON THE BASE!"

Nick didn't move, and the ump shouted, "He's out!"

What a bummer!

Was Nick really hurt?  I couldn't tell as he limped off the field.

Enter Daddy Coach.  (Former baseball superstar, and all-around tough guy.)

"He'll be fine.  Nick, you just need to walk on it.  Walk up and down the side of the field and shake it out."

Nick continued to limp.  He'd have to sit out the rest of the game.

The next morning, Nick was still struggling.  Daddy Coach continued to insist that he'd be "fine" -- "after all, if he's going to play sports, he's going to have to toughen up!"

So I sent Nick off to school.  But I had this nagging feeling in my stomach.  I wonder if it's more serious than we think.  But then again, he can walk on it.  I'm sure it's nothing that a little ice and motrin can't cure.  Right?


If I've learned anything on this journey called motherhood, it's to follow your instincts.

After another day of swelling and a trip to the ER the next evening (I took him, of course!) we learned that Nick had fractured his ankle.  According to the doctors, "The worst thing he can do is walk on it!"

So much for shaking it out.

No disrespect guys, but there's a reason God created mothers!


Amy K. Sorrells said...

My baby boy had "just a sore throat" Sunday, which, by Monday morning, made him feel like a lit firecracker. Being a nurse (who tend to over-react), I vascillated about taking him in for a strep test. But the kid was floored. Hit by a Mack truck. No other symptoms, just a little headache, fever and sore throat. But I KNEW. I just KNEW it was more than a virus. More than something he could shake off. Even when I got to the immediate care clinic, the caregiver was skeptial. "He hasn't been sick more than 24 hours/we've seen so many negative strep tests lately/so many viruses going around." Thirty seconds later, after my baby boy gagged on a cotton swab, the rapid strep test was a GLARING positive. More positive than a pregnancy test with triplets, lol! So I know about mother instinct. I know about the doubt and insecurity about feeling like "i'm over-reacting." But mom's are almost ALWAYS right! You go, Susan! I applaud you AND your insticnts!!!!!

Susan DiMickele said...

Oh Amy, I feel your pain! Been there, done that. It's so hard when we feel like we're over-reacting, but I'd rather be safe than sorry any day!

Wendy Paine Miller said...

I so get this. We dealt with an unusual teacher situation for our DD's first school experience. We weren't in the area long, but had enrolled her and I had these nagging feelings. I got involved and later was thankful. Teacher ended up on probation. But of course, the male view...let her tough it out, etc. Hey, I'm all about toughing it out. I played on a soccer team in 8th grade where we played barefoot in the frost and our coach ordered a friend to slidetackle me which gave me a sprained ankle. I'm all about tough, but sometimes it isn't about being tough, but being smart.

Great post. Made me think. Brought up some other memories as well.
~ Wendy

Heidiopia said...

Poor thing! I've fallen prey to the "shake it off" syndrome, too-- I'm sure we've all done it at some point! Hope he heals quickly!

Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

I think I was sick the day God handed out mother instinct. I always get it wrong and overreact. I've brought my kid to the ER more than once, only to have it be a false alarm. Oh well...I've got other gifts! :)