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Monday, January 10, 2011

How To Be Rude During A Meeting

It used to be that the rudest guy (or gal) in a meeting was the guy who never shuts up.  You know who I’m talking about.  The guy who constantly talks.  And talks.  I’ll call him “Talking Tom.”

He’s only interested in himself.   Talking Tom isn’t interested in anybody else’s ideas.

The eyes usually start rolling during one of his monologues.  Somebody really should tell Talking Tom to shut up.  But nobody does.  So he keeps talking.

It makes for a long meeting.

Talking Tom, however, has a new rival.  Her name? “Texting Terry.”

I think you know her.  She’s always texting and emailing on her mobile device.  She even takes it to the bathroom.  And during a meeting, she just can’t stop.  Reading messages.  Sending messages.  Forwarding messages. 

Like Talking Tom, Texting Terry only appears interested in herself.  She’s too busy texting to listen to others.  Sure, when it’s her turn to speak, she’ll put her device down and become engaged.  But it won’t last.  As soon as her part is “over” she’ll zone out again.

It makes for a frustrating meeting.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the rudest of them all – Talking Tom or Texting Terry?

You decide!


Unpolished Parenting said...

Both. One of my bosses answers her phone during out meetings and then gets up and leaves. Not a big deal usually. Things come up, I understand that. But she does it during the entire meeting and you can tell she hasn't listened to one thing we've said. But if you're not completely agreeing with her, you're insignificant anyway. I wouldn't be sad to see her go {that was mean though wasn't it?}

Heidiopia said...

I agree-- they're both rude. Oblivious to those around them. I'm always telling my kids to "be aware of others." Perfect examples of why they need to do just that!

BigD said...

Gotta vote for the talker.
I think I'm biased, because I work for one!

Amy Sullivan said...

At least Tom is present, even if he won't shut-up! Ugh, the Terrys of the world make me SO angry. Put down the phone, put down the phone!

Laura said...

That's a tough choice. Both seem to be interested only in themselves. Tom wants to hear himself talk and Terry's only interested in her own communication, too.

When someone texts in a meeting, I feel like asking, "What are WE? Chopped liver?" It's really frustrating when it's a leader...

Dave said...

What if Terry is texting Tom to shut up? Seriously though, I've seen both and they are both rude.

Graceful said...

I agree...they are both rude. But I think texting Terry is worse. I know the type -- I see it every day in my office. My boss is a bit of a Talking Tom...but I think sometimes he does it out of insecurity, or perhaps fear of losing control of the meeting, or fear of handing control over to a subordinate, even for just a short while. While annoying, I find those flaws easier to forgive...probably because I see them reflected in myself. I can be a bit of a Talking Tom (Tina?). And I'm a bit of a control freak, too. That seems an easier flaw to forgive than plain old self-absorbtion.

Erin said...

In a world of multi-tasking I think that there are certain situations that texting while working is understandable...HOWEVER - a meeting is NOT that situation -

People need to remember that people won't remember what you said as much as HOW YOU MAKE THEM FEEL -

when you BLAH BLAH BLAH on and on you send the message that you don't care about anyone but in this comment - I keep talking, and talking, and talking:)

Just call me Typing Tammy

Sharon Korkes said...

That's a tough one, but I'm going with the texter. Yes, the talker is rude, but at least he is engaged in the matter at hand (sort of). The texter is just not participating at all. Now, if you have a talker who texts when he's not talking, you have to throw the book at him. I mean literally. Throw a book upside his head. "Hello! Pay attention!"

Susan DiMickele said...

It's such a tough choice.

What if texting Terry is telling Tom to shut up? I can live with that compromise.