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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Work Of A Lawyer

I’ll never forget how hard it was to wait. Those last two days and two nights seemed like an eternity.
What could be taking the jury so long? Hadn’t we put on a solid defense? Was it really that close? And what kind of system puts an important dispute in the hands of eight complete strangers?

I was starting to second-guess myself.

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Erin MacPherson said...

Ugh! I would be going NUTS too... that's a long time to wait for information!

Heidiopia said...

I so admire you, Susan, especially knowing the dilemmas you face with your chosen profession. Not easy to be a woman of faith, I'm guessing. Do you hear me cheering you on? Yes, follow your heart. :)

Susan DiMickele said...

Thanks SO much for the encouragement. I need it more than you know!

BigD said...

Do you ever get the urge to poke your head in the jury room and ask them "What's the problem here? Isn't it obvious?"
I wish you much patience!

Nancy said...

Hi Susan,
Saw your name in the middle of a conversation I was having about the Jubilee Conference over at High Calling and thought I'd wander over to meet you. Now that I know you are a lawyer, I'm a little intimidated. But I scrolled down and found myself loving some of the things you had to say about grace. So I think I'll wander back here some more. And, if you're still thinking about it, Jubilee is great!