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Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day with American flag

What are your plans for Labor Day?  Today, I’ll be hanging out with the kids, having a lemonade stand, and spending my day at the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival.

And I won’t be working.  Well, almost not working.

I’ll be doing an interview on News Talk 610 WTBN at 3:15 p.m. talking about the legal implications of social media in the workplace.  Join me if you’re free!

Have I mentioned that Doug is golfing today?  Which means I will have the kids during the media interview.  I might send them over to the neighbors, but if history is any indication they’ll be right under my feet!  Which means I’ll have to use duck tape to keep them quiet.  (Just kidding.)  If you happen to hear some laughing in the background, you’ll just know we’re having fun.

Have fun today, ok?  See you on Wednesday.


Laura said...

Happy Labor Day to you, Susan! Enjoy you day, sounds like you are in for some fun.

Laura said...

This sounds like a fascinating interview topic, Susan. I just read an article in our local paper about social media and education, namely teachers.

Have a great day!