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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crying in LaGuardia

I’m pretty good about rolling with the punches, and I’ve had my share of mistakes at work. But this was different. Worse.

After landing in LaGuardia, I checked my email messages as we prepared to de-board the plane. A note from a good friend inquired, “How was that conference you spoke at today?”


“No, the conference is tomorrow.” I typed back. “I’ve just landed in New York.”

My friend responded back right away. “Um, you might want to check the brochure, because I think it was today.”

Radio silence.

Beads of sweat started rolling down my forehead as I headed to baggage claim, rummaging through my briefcase for the conference material – the same conference that was advertising Yours Truly as a key speaker. I finally found it and stopped short, looking at the date in disbelief. “No. No! NO! This can’t be right!” My heart dropped into my shoes. I had missed the conference by a day.

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Heather Sunseri said...

Hey, Susan! You're leaving me hanging on this one, but I'm afraid your link isn't working for me. It's taking me to

Susan DiMickele said...

The joys of technology. I think I fixed it! Thanks.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

You fixed it -- I just went there.

Oh my, Susan! What a story...but what a great reminder of how we need His grace. I can imagine how your heart sank.

Thank Him for grace!

Anonymous said...

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Pamela said...

Ah...almost found myself in that same spot last year. I found out the day before I had it marked wrong. God's grace came through the conference leader. And isn't that what makes a good leader?

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