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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I’m Not The Room Parent!

It’s Working Mommy Wednesday.  The school year is in full swing.  And I can barely keep up.  Parent homework.  Forms. Packing lunches. Juggling schedules. School fundraisers. Snack duty. More forms. 

Not to mention my kids’ multiple after-school activities.  It’s simply exhausting.

Remember when we were kids – and we actually did our own homework?  Today, it’s impossible for parents to keep up. 

I know, I know.  It’s good for parents to be involved.  But let’s think about life when we were kids.
  • My parents never had to check my homework every night or sign a “homework log.”  I had to do it myself. 
  • My parents never got involved in school fundraisers.  I went door to door and sold candy bars (ok, maybe they bought a few bars from me). 
  • My parents didn’t drop me off in front of the school or walk me to my classroom.  I took the bus.  
  • My parents never volunteered in my classroom.  (No, my mom wasn’t the room mother.)
And I wasn’t neglected a bit.  I had more love at home than I could have asked for.  But school was school.  And home was home.

What happened to those lines?

Parents, are you a bit overwhelmed by the demands of school?  Do you think our kids would be more independent if we were less involved?  Or am I just over-reacting a bit?


Heidiopia said...

Couple of thoughts: I really wrestled with this, esp when I had 3 kids in elementary school. The parent demands shift when they get into middle and high school-- less presence/volunteer in the schools, MORE involvement needed on the homefront. I do make it clear to teachers now that I do not micro-manage my kids (now teens); if they don't do the work, they need to suffer the natural consequences. You've hit on a hot topic, Susan ~ I'll be interested to come back and read more comments!
xo Heidi

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Ducking head...confession time. I'm not all that involved. This is one area I don't jump in whenever an activity calls. In part I feel like I'm doing my kids a favor by teaching them to start remembering and taking care of what's expected.

But then of course I also feel guilty b/c I'm not that PTO mom in the know, who is aware of every other student's and mom's name come time for Open Houses.

And helping with math...foget 'bout it. (They wouldn't want my help.)

~ Wendy

mrsgleffter said...

I'm trying hard to balance work, kids, church, school but have decided that I can't be involved in everything and yet that comes with this huge load of GUILT.

Trying hard to listen to the Father and choose the WISE thing for me to do! I'm only one person and I want my kids to become independent of me and dependent on God...this is a hard job as a parent!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Interesting take, Susan. You're right -- my parents didn't sign a log, they were room parents...and I did just fine and ended up in education! When mine were in elementary, it was demanding. (My dad would say after dinner we had "school at home.") But it did (and does) ease up.

Balance, balance...that's the key. And the subject of my next book, I hope!

Susan DiMickele said...

Being a parent is a hard job! I just can't keep up with gradeschool. Thanks for your encouragement - there's too much guilt!

Stacy said...

Visiting from High Calling and am so excited to see a blog by a working mom. One that I can read without feeling guilty b/c I am not a stay at home, homeschooling mom.

I love your thoughts in this post. I agree. Where did personal responsibility go in the classroom?

I had much the same experience as you in school and somehow...I survived.

Rachel M. said...

Mine aren't in school yet but I keep hearing this from other bloggers. I can't get my head around it!

Thanks so much for stopping by WMW, so glad to have you with us!!