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Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Get Ready For Holy Week!

The rest of this week, I plan to blog about Jesus. For those of you who read the blog and don’t share my faith, I’ll likely get back to more light-hearted rants next week. But this week – the final week of Jesus’ life on earth -- I just can’t help myself.

This week, it’s all about Jesus.

I’m part of a church that really knows how to celebrate Easter. We fast during Lent, put on passion plays, light candles, and roll out the red carpet on Easter Sunday. My kids are so excited they can hardly contain themselves. Sure, they love the candy and Easter eggs, but they know that Easter is about something much more important -- an eternal sacrifice and a risen Lord. (Besides, my girls are pretty freaked out by the Easter Bunny – just like Tooth Ferry Terror.)

For me, it’s not really about the ritual of Easter. It never has been. It’s a celebration of a person. It’s about mourning the loss of your best friend, only to find out that he’s not only alive – he’s right here in your midst.

And he laid his life down for you so you can be by his side for all eternity.

This week is the most important week in Christian history. Yesterday, we celebrated Palm Sunday. Jesus leaves Bethany (where he has just raised Lazarus from the dead), stops in a little village to pick up a donkey that had never been riden before, and enters Jerusalem.   This is the only time Jesus rides on an animal during his public ministry.  Up until now, he walked everywhere (pretty interesting, huh?).

He must be up to something.

The road from Bethany to Jerusalem is only about two miles, yet this final week of Jesus’ life takes up more space than all the other events of the four New Testament gospels (combined). The plot thickens, Jesus enters Jerusalem to face his accusers, and ultimately faces death.

Will you join me on the journey?

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Wendy Paine Miller said...

Yes, interesting about the one time he rode an animal. Walking makes it more convenient for him to enter into conversation, I'm guessing.

And very cool you are focusing on Jesus this week. Very. Cool!
~ Wendy

Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

I really admire your family's approach to Easter and focus on Jesus. I wish I could say the same. Try as I may, my kids are still more focused on the Bunny than on Jesus himself. Sort of makes me feel like a big, fat failure...

Anyway, onto the more positive...I'll be back this week to read more about your journey to Jesus!

Unpolished Parenting said...

I'm not exactly sure why, but yesterday as the kids came down the aisles at church waving their palm branches I got very emotional. It's because I know that after smiling and rejoycing what happens to Jesus and it hurts my heart worse than I can remember. I guess I just find it weird to celebrate Palm Sunday this way.

PS - didn't know that fact about the animal. Very interesting.

Heidiopia said...

Love it ~ I'm in!! :) Have a blessed day, Susan!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I'll join you, my friend. You can count on me.

Neat that your kids are so amped about Easter! After all, it's where the real victory is, isn't it?

Susan DiMickele said...

The donkey thing is interesting, isn't it? I had never really thought about it before until my pastor mentioned it yesterday. He said (and I tend to agree) that Jesus rode on the donkey to provoke his enemies. He knew his time had come. Up until this week, he generally didn't try to draw attention to himself.

Kendal said...

can't wait to read more. i'm off this week and have time to read and reflect. thanks for writing.

Rachel M. said...

So glad you are doing this! I'm in Vietnam so missing all the pre-Easter celebrations

Laura said...

Reading about how your church celebrates has me all excited! I just love the Lenten season. Your kids sound like they know the deal. This is the first year that both of my boys are too old for the kiddie stuff. No decorating the eggs, no egg hunt. On Maundy Thursday their youth group is reenacting the Last Supper, though. I am so excited to see how it will impact them both. Sometimes, I get too preachy and I'm afraid I just sound like background noise to them. But when they get involved and experience it for's pretty cool to see.

A blessed holy Monday to you, Susan. Sunday is coming... said...

Yes, I'll join you on the journey. THis season is so meaningful when we stop to appreciate the message and the ritual reminders. I've got my palm from Sunday in a vase on the kitchen table still.

Thanks for keeping us focused on the Holy Week's events.

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

So glad to see the emphasis on Holy Week. With my kids grown and us attending a different church than the one I grew up in, it's harder to
follow the full Lenten season and Holy Week until we approach Good Friday and Easter.
Stopped by from "Playdates". Will stop by later this week.


L.L. Barkat said...

Mourning the loss of a friend. Why yes, that's exactly how I think about it. But I needed you to tell me.